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Reusable Epson Ink Cartridges With Twice the Ink

reusable Epson ink cartridges reusable Epson ink cartridges The two-part ink cartridge saves you money and time while reducing problems.

The biggest complaints about Epson ink cartridges are the cost, the small amount of ink they hold, the fact that Epson printers often report an empty ink cartridge when there is still ink remaining, and the problems which arise when the printer no longer recognizes the Epson ink cartridge. (See How Much Ink Is Left In That Dead Cartridge? This clever design solves all of these.

Epson cartridge chip resetter A key factor in the cost is the chip which must be attached to all Epson ink cartridges. The Epson printer communicates with the chip and counts each page printed. However, some pages take more ink than others. The Epson printer doesn't really know how much ink is used so it estimates. Since it could damage your Epson printer to run without ink in an ink cartridge, it errs on the side of caution and reports an empty ink cartridge when there is often ink in it. When it decides there is no more ink, it sends a signal telling the chip the ink cartridge is empty. On older Epson ink cartridges there was a way to reset them with a chip resetter (photo at right). On newer Epson ink cartridges, like the Epson T069, Epson T078, Epson T079, Epson T098, Epson T125 and Epson T126, the chips "self-destruct" and can't be reset. You have to buy another ink cartridge and waste money on another chip.

This two-part reusable Epson ink cartridge contains the chip on an outer shell. For the Epson T069, Epson T078, Epson T079, Epson T098, Epson T125 and Epson T126, this chip is specially designed to automatically reset itself from an empty state. For older Epson ink cartridges, you touch the ink cartridge to a chip resetter which reprograms the chip to full in 2-3 seconds. If the ink cartridge still contains ink, pop it back in. You can tell how much ink remains by looking at the back of the ink tank which is transparent (see the photo at the upper left. We photographed a partially used ink tank so you can see the ink level.) To replenish the ink supply, pop out the inner refill ink cartridge, pop in a new full one, reset the chip if necessary, and you're good to go. You pay just for the ink. There is no need to pay for another chip. See the comparison chart at the bottom. You start saving money with your first order and the savings mount up further as you order refill tanks.

Incidentally, Office Depot will give you a $2 credit - up to $40 a month - for your empty ink tanks. Staples will give you a $2 credit - up to $20 a month, which is like getting 7-20 free Epson cartridges every month!

While Epson ink cartridges hold about 7 ml of ink*, our reusable Epson cartridges hold about 18. And while regular Epson ink cartridges often report empty when there is still 10-15% of the ink left, ((we saw an Epson CX8400 with a brand new genuine cyan Epson ink cartridge report that it was empty after printing a single 4 x 6 photo) our chips automatically reset, so you get full use of almost every last drop. Regular Epson ink cartridges use a sponge system so some of the ink remains behind in the sponge. The refills use a unique spongeless system, reducing wasted ink even further.

All chips (including genuine Epson) can be damaged by a stray surge or static during the manufacturing or shipping process. We have seen Epson printers reject genuine Epson ink cartridges. (Two customers even reported their Epson R280 printers work with our Epson ink cartridges but not with genuine Epson!) It can be very annoying when you pop a new Epson ink cartridge and the Epson printer won't recognize it. Or you just changed it yesterday and today the printer is complaining about it or saying it's out of ink. Since most Epson printers won't work unless there is ink in every ink cartridge (even if you are only printing in black), one bad chip can ruin your day. But with these Epson ink cartridges, you are using the same chip each time. The only thing you are changing is the ink. So you already know the chip has been recognized by the printer.

Additional bonus for those who own two or more Epson printers. The inner refills are the same for Epson T069, Epson T078, Epson T079, Epson T098, Epson T125 and Epson T126. This means that if you run out of T069 black, cyan, magenta or yellow ink but have a T078, T079, T098, T125 or T126 refill in that color, you can use it in place of the T069. The same applies to T060 and T048. You can interchange the black, cyan, magenta and yellow refill tanks. (You can even put a black ink tank in a color ink cartridge and it will work, but it will contaminate that color.) If you are using the standard one-piece Epson ink cartridges, you can not substitute. If you run out of any color, you can't print until you replace that ink cartridge and it must be with an identical ink cartridge.

So that's the story. Inexpensive ink cartridges which hold more ink and use the same chip already recognized by your printer - easier on your wallet and your sanity, not to mention the environment.

Epson printers using Epson T069 ink cartridges need four full ink cartridges - black and three colors, with a few exceptions such as the Epson C120, Epson Workforce 30 and Epson Workforce 310 printers which need 5 because they hold two of the same black ink cartridges at once. Epson printers using Epson T125, Epson T126 or Epson T127 ink cartridges need 4 cartridges with the exception of the Epson Workforce 520 which hold two of the same black. Epson printers using the Epson T048, Epson T078, Epson T079 or Epson T098 ink cartridges need 6 ink cartridges - black and 5 colors. With the Epson T048 and Epson T060 you also need the chip resetter. So switch to the two-piece Epson cartridge system and start saving significantly on Epson ink.

Here are samples of the output of our Epson ink

Reusable Epson cartridges vs refillable Epson ink cartridges: a comparison

full cost comparison of genuine Epson ink cartridges vs compatible epson ink cartridges, reusable epson ink cartridges and refillable epson ink cartridges.

Video showing replacement of reusable Epson ink cartridges:

Refilling Genuine Epson Ink Cartridges - Not A Good Option

Genuine Epson cartridges are deliberately designed not to be refilled. They contain a chip which counts how many pages were printed. When the printer thinks the cartridge is empty, it sets the chip to empty. Simply putting more ink in the cartridge will not solve this.

The chip also has to be reprogrammed to a full state. Newer chips are deliberately designed not to allow reprogramming, therefore this procedure often fails. I have seen numerous complaints on the net of people who bought refilled cartridges only to have the printer report that they were empty immediately upon insertion.

For more information click here: Refilling Epson Cartridges - Hazardous To Your Printer

Instead of refilling Epson cartridges, use our Reusable Epson Ink Cartridges. They cost far less and and hold almost three times the ink of genuine Epson. Click here for a list of Affordable Epson Ink Cartridges.

* see where Epson ink cartridges were opened to reveal how little ink is inside.

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