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T127 ink cartridges for Epson printers

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10 high capacity T127 ink cartridges including 4 double-size, extra high capacity 35ml T127 black, 2 each cyan, magenta, yellow. NX530, NX625, workforce-60, Workforce 545,Workforce 630, workforce 633, workforce 635, Workforce 645,Workforce 840, workforce 845, Workforce 3520, Workforce 3530, Workforce 3540, Workforce 7010, Workforce 7510, Workforce 7520 individually shrink wrapped. click the details link to see the difference between the T127 and T126 black. Yes 24
T127 ink cartridges for Epson  printers Regular disposable cartridges. Direct replacement for Epson cartridges. (Product packaging may vary.) Note: in some rare cases people have found that you can't mix some genuine Epson cartridges and some compatibles. The first time you may need to replace all the cartridges. Since one Epson cartridge costs as much as an entire set of compatibles, it's an easy decision to make: a one-time cost of under $20 for years of savings, or spending almost $20 for each individual cartridge.




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