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Secrets of Search Engine Optimization by Izzy Goodman

Higher Ranking for your web site

Page ranking of for epson compatible ink cartridge keywords
"If you build it, they will come" does not work on the Internet. Just having a web site is not enough. People have to be able to find it. This means you want to be ranked higher in the search engines so your site comes up early in the list in a search for the items or service you provide. For example, if you deal in Lionel trains, you want your site to show up on the first page of a google search for the phrase "Lionel trains" and also for "model trains", and "Lionel model trains". The best way to accomplish this is with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This requires making an effort to ensure that the theme of your website is indexed by the search engines. You can do this yourself or you can hire someone to do it for you.

To do it yourself, you have to learn how. The problem is that there are hundreds if not thousands of sites advertising the "secrets" of Seach Engine Optimization for a fee. Some of these "secrets" are tricks the search engines have deemed illegal. Use them and your site will drop off the search lists entirely and possibly permanently! So how do you know which ones are legitimate? How do you know if we know what we're talking about?

They say seeing is believing, so here is something you can see for yourself. Take a look at the search results in the graphic at the top of this page and see that our site,, is NUMBER ONE and NUMBER TWO for the search term "reusable epson ink cartridges". But don't just take our word for it. After all, we could have faked that graphic. So try it yourself. Enter "Epson NX415 cartridges" into your Google search box and you should see results similar to those below.

Page ranking of for epson NX415 ink cartridges

Due to heavy competition and because Google's algorhythm juggles the results so they don't always come out in exactly the same order, we can't always be in first place. But the goal is to be on the first page and that we accomplished.

How much did we spend in advertising to achieve this? ZERO! We don't spend a dime on Google Adwords, Yahoo or MSN Marketing. Yet we are more than holding our own against large companies with deep pockets who are spending thousands to stay up there. Not bad for a small, family-run business! And if we can do it, so can you!

How did we achieve this? By reading everything we could about search engine optimization, buying books and ebooks, and consulting with experts. Because this was not a full-time occupation, it took eight years to determine what worked and what didn't, which "secrets" were accurate and which were false. (We also re-built our site under a new name because some of the "secrets" we first learned turned out to be false and our original site was penalized.) Once we determined what was accurate, we went from the fourth page to the number one position in three months and have stayed there for three years! Now that we know how it's done, it shocks us that so many are not taking advantage of these methods. Are you? If not, why?

Maybe you think it's too difficult. It isn't. Yes, it takes dedication at first, but once you're done, it won't take that much to keep it going. This article was written in July of 2009. The search results shown are from January 2012.

Maybe you're going through what we did - information overload. Not everyone has the time to plow through all the stuff and determine what's true and what isn't. Some people have real, full-time businesses to run. But the solution is at hand. If you want to know how to do it yourself, just read my book. If you don't have the time, you can have me optimize your site for you. So why haven't you started?

Maybe you think it's expensive. It can be - if you hire the wrong firm. Before our site was optimized, we were quoted from hundreds to thousands of dollars to have this done. Those with higher quotes did not provide any better explanation of what we would be getting than those with lower ones. You're probably going through the same thing now. How do you know who can really help? Anyone can call themselves a search engine specialist. But ask them to prove it. Is their site on the first page for numerous keywords relating to their product?

If you have a website, don't you want to take advantage of effective methods you can use to build up your ranking? You can get started right now! All you have to do is research the techniques, determine which are legitimate, figure out how to add them to your web site and submit the results to the search engines. Or you can buy my ebook "Secrets" of Search Engine Optimization for $19. I'll give you step-by-step directions for optimizing your site, avoiding "tricks" which backfire, submitting your site to the search engines and even how to get free advertising on Google and other sites. Along with your purchase, I will visit your site and give you tips for improving your ranking customized for your site!

Or you can decide you'd rather manage your own business and leave the technical details to the experts. Contact us. You'd be surprised at how inexpensive it can be and how long the results last. Unlike Adwords and pay-per-click campaigns - where you pay and pay and pay and disappear from the list the minute you stop paying - search engine optimization has one major effort at the start of the campaign to boost your ratings. Once you're at the top of the list all it takes is a series of tweaks to stay there.

email or call 718 868-3000 for more details

Order The "Secret" of Search Engine Optimization for $19 and get optimization tips from the author specific to your site  

Our shopping cart automatically adds flat shipping to all orders. If you order the SEO book alone, we will refund the shipping. The ebook will arrive in your e-mail in PDF format.

Thanks so much.
I think my $19 is well spent. As you stated in your doc, there is really no secrets. but lots of obvious things you would miss if you don't have something to start with.


* * *

Your book was very helpful. I have a much clearer idea of what I am doing and am enjoying the challenge of getting on top of this.

John Greene,

* * *

Dear Izzy,
A quick note to thank you for your help with my website, I followed your instructions as close as I was able to based on my poor understanding of website building. It's working! Google "Ivory Restoration" I'm # 3 and google "Ivory Repair" I'm in page 2!
Write back with your comments at your convenience. I truly appreciate your feedback!

All the best,
Pablo Noriega Urbino,






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