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HP Screws You Again!

Printers may report new cartridge expired.

First they had a very successful (not!) change of size for the 564XL cartridge, making them smaller but keeping the same model number. This led to thousands of complaints from people who bought genuine HP 564XL only to discover it won't fit their printers even though it says right on the box that it uses 564XL. Now they have done something even worse with the HP61, 61XL and many of their newer cartridges. They upgraded their new printers to check the expiration date on the cartridges and reject cartridges with expired dates. There is absolutely no reason to do this except to protect obscene profits. Cartridges kept at reasonable temperature never expire. I have used cartridges 6 years past the expiration date with no issues. None of the other companies (to my knowledge) program an expiration date into their chip. Due to an error, early batches of HP61s were marked with an expiration date previous to their manufacture. They were manufactured expired! Of course HP replaced them for those people who knew to complain.

In my opinion, this constitutes outright fraud. Cartridges might sit on store shelves or customers' shelves for a while. How is a customer supposed to know when they go to the store and buy genuine, new HP cartridges that they won't work by the time they are put in the printer? This is another reason why I feel HP has won the first place medal in the "rip off the customer" event at the printer olympics.

This is why were don't carry many of the newer HP cartridges. Unlike HP, our reputation means something and we don't need customers complaining that something we sold didn't work out of the box. We have recently found a supplier who is selling remanufactured HP cartridges with new chips which have no expiration date. Over time we may expand our HP line.

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