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HP Cuts the Size of 564XL and 920XL by 50%

Older cartridge is incompatible with newer printers

HP 564xl black cartridges HP has decided to borrow marketing techniques from food manufacturers. I'm sure you've all noticed that the size of food items in the store has been slowly shrinking. Ice cream and orange juice went from 64oz containers to 56oz. Cereal from 18oz to 16, 14, 12, 10 and even 8 with no end in sight. Soon there will be no difference in size from the family pack to the individual serving size. That makes sense if you have a family of one.

Years ago HP came out with a big savings for their customers, the XL cartridge. XL stands for eXtra Large. The cartridges were much bigger than the standard version and held triple the ink for less than twice the price. Then, with no major announcement, they cut the size of the XL cartridge in half. To their credit, they also cut the price slightly. However, a number of people felt ripped off when they bought XL cartridges at the same price as before and received a half-size cartridge. Take a look at the photo comparing the older XL cartridge to the newer.

Now they have done the same with the 920XL cartridge without any change in price. A rip off has now become highway robbery. Epson is far from an example of an honest company when it comes to their ink cartridges. They have cut the amount of ink over the years from about 20ml to about 7. But at least they have the decency to give each cartridge a different number so you have some idea of what you are getting. You know (or should know) that the T124 holds less ink than the T125. Note to HP: if you are going to change the size of hp564XL, give it a different name like 564L so your customers will realize something changed.

But HP took it a step further. 1) Their newer printers, such as the Photosmart 5510, can not even hold the triple-size cartridges. Do you think the average person consults a compatibility chart before buying cartridges and can understand that there are two types of the same cartridge number? Since it says that the printer can accept 564xl, they will buy it and discover it won't fit. 2) In an effort to foil remanufacturers, the newer printers will not accept cartridges manufactured before a certain date. A message will pop up saying, "These cartridges are designed for older generation printers." So there will soon be a lot of angry people wondering why the printer is rejecting genuine HP cartridges. Epson had the good sense not to try that. Even though they updated later printers to better detect non-Epson cartridges, they never prevented their printers from rejecting genuine Epson cartridges regardless of manufacture date. This is just one more reason I recommend against buying HP printers.

For a time we tried to provide the larger cartridges to customers with the older printers but recently HP introduced another wrinkle which makes that difficult. The printers are being upgraded via sofware downloads. These "upgrades" make the printers reject cartridges made before a certain date and this includes the older 564XL. So even if it fits your printer, it still might not work. Therefore we are only carrying the "mid-size" XL cartridge which will work in all printers that can take 564. As far as we know, all 920XL cartridges will work so we will continue to offer the larger ones while they are available.

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