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Epson firmware virus Do NOT run any Epson firmware upgrades on your epson printer!

Special information concerning Artisan 730/837, NX100/105/110/115, Workforce 610, Workforce 1100

Info about T220, T410 and T786 cartridges for the Workforce 2600 series, some XP and Workforce Pro

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Epson Artisan SeriesEpson C/CX SeriesEpson N/NX Series
Epson Photo SeriesEpson R/RX SeriesEpson Workforce Series
Epson Workforce Pro SeriesEpson XP - Expression Series

You can click on a printer name below but the system will ignore any cartridge type or bonus code entered above. To include the cartridge type and bonus code, click the radio button next to a printer and then click any of the GO buttons.

Epson Artisan Series

Artisan 1430 - T079Artisan 50 - T077/T078Artisan 700 - T098
Artisan 710 - T098Artisan 725 - T098Artisan 730 - T098
Artisan 800 - T098Artisan 810 - T098Artisan 835 - T098
Artisan 837 - T098

Epson C/CX Series

C120 - T069C88 - T060CX3800 - T060
CX3810 - T060CX4200 - T060CX4800 - T060
CX5000 - T069CX5800 - T060CX6000 - T069
CX7000 - T069CX7400 - T069CX7450 - T069
CX7800 - T060CX8400 - T069CX9400FAX - T069
CX9475FAX - T069

Epson N/NX Series

N11 - T069NX100 - T069NX105 - T069
NX110 - T069NX115 - T069NX125 - T125
NX127 - T125NX130 - T125NX200 - T069
NX215 - T069NX230 - T125NX300 - T069
NX305 - T069NX330 - T126NX400 - T069
NX410 - T069NX415 - T069NX420 - T125
NX430 - T126NX510 - T069NX515 - T069
NX530 - T125/T127NX625 - T125/T127

Epson Photo Series

Photo 1400 - T079Photo 1430 - T079

Epson R/RX Series

R1800 - T054R200 - T048R220 - T048
R260 - T077/T078R280 - T077/T078R300 - T048
R320 - T048R340 - T048R380 - T077/T078
R800 - T054RX500 - T048RX580 - T077/T078
RX595 - T077/T078RX600 - T048RX620 - T048
RX680 - T077/T078

Epson Workforce Series

Workforce 1100 - T069Workforce 2520 - T200XLWorkforce 2530 - T200XL
Workforce 2540 - T200XLWorkforce 2630 - T220XLWorkforce 2650 - T220XL
Workforce 2660 - T220XLWorkforce 2750 - T220XLWorkforce 2760 - T220XL
Workforce 30 - T069Workforce 310 - T069Workforce 315 - T069
Workforce 320 - T125Workforce 323 - T125Workforce 325 - T125
Workforce 3520 - T126/T127Workforce 3530 - T126/T127Workforce 3540 - T126/T127
Workforce 3620 - T252XLWorkforce 3640 - T252XLWorkforce 40 - T069
Workforce 435 - T126Workforce 500 - T069Workforce 520 - T125/T126
Workforce 545 - T126/T127Workforce 60 - T069Workforce 600 - T069
Workforce 610 - T069Workforce 615 - T069Workforce 630 - T126/T127
Workforce 633 - T126/T127Workforce 635 - T126/T127Workforce 645 - T126/T127
Workforce 7010 - T126/T127Workforce 7110 - T252XLWorkforce 7510 - T126/T127
Workforce 7520 - T126/T127Workforce 7610 - T252XLWorkforce 7620 - T252XL
Workforce 840 - T126/T127Workforce 845 - T126/T127

Epson Workforce Pro Series

Workforce Pro 4010 - T676Workforce Pro 4020 - T676Workforce Pro 4023 - T676
Workforce Pro 4090 - T676Workforce Pro 4520 - T676Workforce Pro 4530 - T676
Workforce Pro 4533 - T676Workforce Pro 4540 - T676Workforce Pro 4590 - T676
Workforce Pro 4630 - T786XLWorkforce Pro 4640 - T786XLWorkforce Pro 5110 - T786XL
Workforce Pro 5190 - T786XLWorkforce Pro 5620 - T786XLWorkforce Pro 5690 - T786XL

Epson XP - Expression Series

Expression Home XP-200 - T200XLExpression Home XP-300 - T200XLExpression Home XP-310 - T200XL
Expression Home XP-320 - T220XLExpression Home XP-330 - T288XLExpression Home XP-340 - T288XL
Expression Home XP-400 - T200XLExpression Home XP-410 - T200XLExpression Home XP-420 - T220XL
Expression Home XP-424 - T220XLExpression Home XP-430 - T288XLExpression Home XP-434 - T288XL
Expression Home XP-440 - T288XLExpression Home XP-446 - T288XLExpression Home XP-520 - T273XL
Expression Home XP-530 - T410XLExpression Home XP-600 - T273XLExpression Home XP-610 - T273XL
Expression Home XP-620 - T273XLExpression Home XP-630 - T410XLExpression Home XP-640 - T410XL
Expression Home XP-750 - T277XLExpression Home XP-800 - T273XLExpression Home XP-810 - T273XL
Expression Home XP-820 - T273XLExpression Home XP-830 - T410XLExpression Home XP-850 - T277XL
Expression Home XP-860 - T277XLExpression Home XP-950 - T277XLExpression Home XP-960 - T277XL

Details for people who like to read:

Our cartridges are brand new - not refilled Epson cartridges which are hazardous to your printer.

How can CCS-Digital provide such inexpensive Epson cartridges?
People ask us how we can provide cheap Epson ink cartridges without sacrificing quality. The question they should really be asking is how can the stores charge so much for ink cartridges. Think about it. You can buy a pen for a dollar and it contains about as much ink as a genuine Epson cartridge. So why are the printer companies charging $15 and up per cartridge? Unlike them, our goal in NOT to reap maximum profit or rip customers off. We are giving you a viable option at much lower cost - our Refillable and Reusable Epson Cartridges. Refillable Epson Inks: There are many good reasons to switch to Refillable Epson Inks and Reusable Epson Cartridges. They hold triple the ink of Epson ink cartridges and even more than our regular compatible Epson cartridges, though they cost much less. Because the chips reset to full, no ink is wasted. They produce excellent prints.

Our order delivery guarantee:
We pride ourselves on filling orders quickly. If you placed an order and have not received a confirmation of your order being processed within two business days, please e-mail or call. However, due to delays in receiving supplies, we have at times run out of stock and experienced delays in filling orders. If your paid order (paypal, check, money order) takes more than 48 hours to process from the time it was placed, or if your credit card order (which does not get charged until we ship) takes more than 72 hours to process, due to a delay on our end, you will will receive a bonus. This is in addition to any bonuses you receive under our other promotions. History:
Unlike the printer companies, CCS-Digital did not start out as a sales site with the goal of reaping profits. We started out as an advice site to inform people about how they could avoid getting ripped off on products and services.

We began with digital camera batteries when we discovered that Fuji, Toshiba and Kodak cameras all used the identical battery. One with a Fuji label cost $60, with a Toshiba label $40 and with a Kodak label $30. Then we bought some directly from the manufacturer and sold them for $20. We educated our customers to the fact the just because something is expensive doesn't make it better. Eventually many sites began selling the private-label batteries and many digital cameras began using standard batteries so we went back to offering advice.

Judge hands printer companies a monopoly:
In 2007 a judge made a ridiculous ruling in favor of the printer companies. He allowed them to produce printers which would reject third-party cartridges. The printer companies celebrated by stabbing their customers in the back. They raised the price of ink cartridges and reduced the amount of ink provided. Epson cartridges went from about 20ml to about 7. That's right. Epson cartridges are now about 75% empty when you buy them! And for this you are paying about $20. That works out to well over $5,000 a gallon for ink! So as you can see, our cartridges are not inexpensive because they are inferior. The brand names are too expensive because they are ripping you off!

Inexpensive Ink Cartridges for Epson Printers - Refillable Epson Ink Cartridges

Refillable Epson Cartridges The best way to get inexpensive ink cartridges for epson printers is with Refillable Epson Ink Cartridges. These cartridges already come to you with more ink than genuine Epson, about triple the ink in fact. Epson printers have the annoying habit of saying the cartridges are out of ink when they aren't. With genuine Epson ink cartridges, you can't see how much ink remains. With refillable Epson ink cartridges, you can see the ink in the transparent cartridge. If enough ink remains, you can put the cartridge right back in the printer and it will reset to full. Or you can fill the cartridge from our special ink bottles with built-in nozzles. For less than 50 cents, you can get the equivalent of three genuine Epson ink cartridges' worth of ink.

However, refilling cartridges does require a steady hand and a little patience. It is not for everyone. Busy offices want something more convenient. You can get your fingers dirty. And it is definitely not recommended for homes with small children. To get the best of both worlds - a cartridge which can be re-used with the convenience of a fast and neat way to do it - take a look at our reusable cartridges.

Discount Cartridges For Epson Printers - Reusable Epson Ink Cartridges

Reusable Epson Cartridges The ink in our Reusable Epson Ink Cartridges is contained in a replaceable ink tank. When the tank is empty, you pop out the empty one and pop in the new one. Because the back of the tank is transparent, you can see how much ink remains. If the printer says it's empty and it isn't, just pop it back in and it will reset to full. These tanks cost between $2 and 2.50 depending on the model. Because Staples and OfficeDepot will give you $2 in store credit for the empty ones, it's like paying 50 cents or getting them free. They hold about 18 ml of ink, about double what genuine Epson ink cartridges give you.


There are many good reasons to switch to Refillable Epson Inks and Reusable Epson Cartridges. They hold double to triple the ink of Epson ink cartridges and even more than our regular compatible Epson cartridges, though they cost much less. Because the chips reset to full, no ink is wasted. They produce excellent prints. Read our many customer testimonials.




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