Placing Canadian orders

In 2018 the Post Office again raised shipping rates to Canada a whopping 250%. We are forced to institute some new policies, particularly for new customers.

On a very rare occasion (perhaps once or twice a year), Canadian credit cards fail to validate. We won't know this until after we run the charge. This means your bank will issue the charge and then, if the card can't be validated, our issuer (Paypal) will decline to accept. The funds might be held by your bank for a few days in in very rare circumstances as much as a month. If you wish to avoid this, make sure you are shipping to the billing address of the card or pay with paypal. You can use your credit card via paypal without opening an account. You can also make a personal paypal payment, which means the funds are coming from your bank account or paypal balance. In that case we can send to any address. We also accept Canadian postal money orders in US funds.

Shipping: The Post Office raised Canadian shipping another 250% in January 2018. Paypal will automatically add $25-$35 on Canadian orders according to the total. If it turns out it is lower, you will receive a refund. For other payment methods, please do not place the order before you check with us because the calculation may be very off. We are rolling out a new website, which will replace this one, so we are not spending much time fixing this one.

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