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Before we go into the details, let's just put this into perspective. This is a family business and everyone who answers email and phone calls or packs orders is a member of our immediate family. We take pride in satisfying our customers. We are more than reasonable and so are most of our customers. There is really no reason for most folks to read this. However, there is always someone who is a lawyer or "plays one on the Internet" and worries about every possible problem and has to ask a thousand questions where the answers should be obvious. For the benefit of that person, here are the details. Happy reading.

Sales Terms

Please read this carefully, particularly if you are new to online purchases. If you have questions, feel free to email.

Ask your questions and get the details before you buy. Don't wait until after the the item has been shipped to think about it. To answer some of the most commonly asked questions in advance:

We accept many different payment methods. We do not send items COD. We do NOT use Escrow. For Paypal payments, we ship to the address provided in the order. Please do not place an order and then email with a different shipping address. Check the address before submitting the order. Customers waited until we shipped to tell us the wrong shipping address was sent. For credit card payments, your shipping address must match the cardholder address. This is for your protection and ours. It is the best way to thwart identity thieves or someone finding your credit card and using it online. If you want it shipped to your work address or your cousin's house, call your card issuer and have them add that address as an alternate address. If you have a special requirement, ask before you buy. We often make exceptions if contacted but don't assume we will do this automatically. If the address given doesn't match your card, the order will not be processed.

We use paypal to process credit cards. This means you send use your info and we enter it into paypal. We recommend that you click the paypal link and enter the card yourself (no paypal account required) so even we don't see it. If you already have a paypal account, paypal will not allow us to charge your card.

Shipping and Handling Fee:
We ship almost everything USPS and usually priority. We charge a S&H fee that is often a bit less than our cost and sometimes a bit more. We charge a flat fee in the US (never exceeding $8) depending upon the total of the order, so where you might pay $8 and discover that our shipping cost was only $4, remember that you could have ordered more items and still paid the same shipping even if our costs were higher.

Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, APO, FPO: Yes, we know that you are all part of the United States. Since we ship via USPS, we can fill your orders and shipping will be the same as in the lower 48. We'll even accept payment in Hawaiian money :).

Canada: USPS raised rates to Canada tremendously, however the rates on Paypal are much lower. We raised our rates to match USPS but as long as we continue to get the Paypal rate, we will refund. Many of our Canadian orders have been shipping for between $5 and $10. Delivery tracking is now available in Canada.

Lost or Damaged Packages:
You are always covered for lost or damaged packages since we will replace it as long as you notify us in a reasonable amount of time and cooperate with making a claim, if applicable. Priority packages are automatically insured with USPS. We do not insure first class packages since we have had well under 1% of our packages get lost or damaged out of thousands shipped. If tracking for an order shows as lost in transit, we will replace it. If it arrives damaged, send us a photo and we will make a claim with USPS (assuming it is priority). If it shows delivered, our responsibility for this ends. If you didn't receive it, take it up with your local post office or building security.

Mistakes happen. Contact us first and give us the chance to respond before opening a dispute. When you open a dispute, Paypal locks the transaction and does not allow us to ship, so if you are due a replacement, we can't send it.

Contacting us
There is very little that can't be handled via email, which also leaves a clear understanding of what you want. If you feel a need to chat, email with your phone number and a time to call and some indication of what you want to discuss and we would be happy to call you. You can call us as well. phone contact

Processing time
We try to turn orders around within hours of receiving them. If we are out of stock, there will be a notice on our site and we will email you as well. We ship USPS Priority and automatically send you the delivery confirmation number. Depending on how far away you are from New York, it can take 1-3 days to reach you, 7-10 for Canada. If you have not heard from us, please contact us quickly. Don't let a few weeks go by. If there is a problem, the sooner we hear about it, the sooner we can correct it.

Exchanges of wrong items ordered or sent
We will correct our mistakes at our expense. We expect customers to assume responsibility for their mistakes. If you ordered the wrong item, it is typically handled this way: If you have not opened the item, we will give you full credit of the purchase price (not the shipping) toward the item you actually need. If there is a price difference, you will either owe us or we will send you a refund. If we send you the wrong item (anyone can make a mistake. we have once or twice), we will exchange it for the correct one and add extras to reimburse you for your shipping to us. In all cases, the item must be returned within 60 days.

See our warranty.

Final note
We have been in business since 1983. We don't advertise. Customers find us by referral or mentions in blogs. We have many unsolicited customer testimonials sent in to us via email. We work very hard to give 100% customer satisfaction. With the fast, free and efficient method of email communication, there is no reason for miscommunication. Have a question? Email

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